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The Dutch charging station manufacturer Alfen is “gridBox-ready”
With gridX’s solution for dynamic load management and smart charge points from Alfen, the two experts are now working together to ensure optimal charging infrastructure and connectivity

Munich – Smart charge points from the Dutch manufacturer Alfen are now also"gridBox-ready". The charging stations are now compatible with the gridBox, the hardware component of gridX for intelligent connection of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Viessmann is already a joint customer of Alfen and gridX.

gridBox users benefit from the compatibility with the Alfen chargers because Alfen chargers can now also respond to their gridX smart location energy management system. The gridBox establishes an intelligent connection between the smart Alfen charging stations and other DERs, such as photovoltaic, battery storage or even charge points from other manufacturers. Alfen can offer efficient energy management independently of manufacturers and thus expands and optimises it for customers accordingly. With the help of the gridX technology Alfen products become fully integrated in the energy ecosystem of a building.

gridX and Alfen are pleased about the cooperation and create a scalable, comprehensive offer especially for operators of e-mobility fleets to implement and operate a corresponding intelligent charging infrastructure. gridX acts as a partner in the field of dynamic charging management. The technology of gridX can link and intelligently control a large number of charging points independent of manufacturers and can integrate other systems into energy management, such as photovoltaic systems or battery storage. The grid connection point and the grid fees are optimised at the customer's location. The load management dynamically distributes the available energy to the integrated charging stations to ensure an optimal charging process and avoid expensive load peaks.

Alfen offers an extensive product range in the areas of substations, energy storage systems and charging stations for electric cars, as well as services in the energy sector. Since the start of the EV charging business in 2008, Alfen charging stations have been installed allover Europe. An optimisation and expansion of the Alfen chargers with the dynamic load management of gridX provides further benefits for customers in the energy sector. It is inline with Alfen’s strategy to integrate Alfen Charging Equipment at any location, with anyEMS possible, where smart EV charging is desired. The offer is available via Alfen and gridX and Viessmann is already a joint customer.

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