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Community engagement at the Munich Marathon’s fourth “Glückslauf”

gridX employees run with youth for a good cause

  • gridX employees take part in the “Glückslauf” charity run for the first time.
  • The ten kilometer fun run is part of the Munich Marathon.
  • All donations go to Weitblick-Jugendhilfe (youth help group) from Dachau.

Munich, 9 October 2023 –  As part of this year's Munich Marathon, 15 gridX ran ten kilometers for a good cause. This was made possible by the "Glückslauf" (or fun run) campaign, which was initiated by David Macke in 2018 and took place this year – due to Covid-19 – for the fourth time. The special feature: 10 young people from Weitblick-Jugendhilfe in Dachau near Munich and 50 other runners started alongside the gridX employees. Side by side, the runners completed the ten kilometer course starting and finishing in the Olympic Stadium. Every year, Macke uses the running event to collect donations for the facility, which acts as a safe haven for young people in need. Macke pays the entry fees for the marathon for each donor; all donations collected benefit the youth facility in Dachau.

To provide ongoing support for Weitblick-Jugendhilfe after the Glückslauf, gridX will in future give its employees the opportunity to engage with the youths as part of the company’s Social Days program. For example, employees can supervise excursions or visit the young people on site and spend time with them. Through the cooperation with Weitblick-Jugendhilfe, gridX is expanding the offer for its employees to get involved socially with various associations and to carry out joint activities in the future. This is made possible by the Social Days, which allow each employee to invest one full working day per year in social activities.

Learn more about Weitblick-Jugendhilfe from Dachau.

((Photo: © David Macke, Reprint free of charge))

Crossing the finish line for a good cause: The young people, gridX employees and other participants of the "Glückslauf" 2023 initiative collected donations for Weitblick-Jugendhilfe from Dachau with their ten-kilometer run at the Munich Marathon.

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