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Home energy management made in Munich

gridX and Homenergy join forces for smart energy management in private households

  • Homenergy enters into partnership with gridX for its custom energy management system.
  • With gridX’s technology, Homenergy expands its service portfolio to offer digital energy services such as monitoring, maintenance and self-consumption optimization in addition to classic installer and sales services.
  • In the first twelve months, Homenergy plans to equip at least 1,000 households with gridX’s technology to enable smart, manufacturer-independent energy management for them.

Munich, 25 April 2023 – Europe’s leading smart energy company gridX, based in Munich, and the Munich-based renewable energy company Homenergy have entered into a partnership. gridX’s technology enables Homenergy to offer its own energy management to their customers. The partnership was concluded at the beginning of April and is following a successful joint development of a go-to-market strategy for Homenergy's own integrated energy solution. Now, the company launches the product: For this purpose, gridX provides the technology for smart and manufacturer-independent home energy management with the IoT platform XENON and the associated IoT gateway gridBox. Thereby, Homenergy expands its service portfolio and will also be able to offer its customers energy management services in the future. In the first year of the partnership, Homenergy plans to equip 1,000 households with a gridBox and digitalize their energy management with XENON – by 2026, this figure is expected to rise to over 30,000. Adding smart energy management helps homeowners to gain insights into their energy consumption and to optimize their energy flows to save emissions and reduce electricity costs. 

Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) for optimized energy flows

Homenergy, founded in the summer of 2022, is currently growing rapidly. By partnering up with gridX, the Munich-based company now expands its portfolio by offering customers a smart energy management solution. Using gridX’s technology, a wide range of appliances in the household environment, such as wallboxes, battery storage units and solar systems, can be digitally connected, monitored and controlled, regardless of their manufacturer. This allows customers who gain access to detailed consumption and generation data via a mobile app to view and optimize their energy use themselves without compromising on comfort: For example, it is possible to charge battery storage units with excess PV energy when consumption in a household is lower than generation. Similarly, smart EV charging strategies can be used to shift charging processes so that they take place at times when the household’s solar system is generating electricity or when electricity prices are low. These and similar optimization options, which can be mapped using gridX technology, lead to a significant reduction in electricity costs at household level. In addition, users can also reduce the burden on the environment. How? By increasing the degree of self-sufficiency through the use of climate-neutral electricity generated by users’ own PV systems, the amount of grid electricity from conventional generation can be significantly reduced. 

How HEMS can support scaling targets

The modular architecture of the XENON platform offers maximum flexibility to develop energy management solutions adapted to specific requirements. For Homenergy, for example, the use of the Energy Diagnostics module enables manufacturer-independent monitoring of all connected assets. This simplifies the operation and maintenance of these assets, as they can be managed collectively via a single platform. Homenergy can view and evaluate the data of all connected customer assets in real time and detect and rectify any errors at an early stage. In the current scaling phase of Homenergy, this is an essential aspect: “It was important for us to have gridX’s experts with their expertise at our side when tackling complex topics such as product development and go-to-market strategy. Together we were able to launch our own energy management system at a rapid pace,” explains Bastian Busl, Managing Director of Homenergy. “With the modular setup of our XENON platform, we enable partners with big growth ambitions like Homenergy to achieve rapid market maturity and scaling for their individual solution with little development effort of their own,” says gridX’s Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Tobias Mitter. “We are excited to enter the upcoming scaling phase with Homenergy and to jointly drive integrated energy solutions in private households.” 

About gridX

gridX is Europe's leading smart energy company based in Aachen and Munich. With its IoT platform XENON, gridX enables manufacturer-independent monitoring and management of distributed energy resources. XENON allows partners to develop and scale energy management solutions faster than ever before. By partnering with gridX, Fastned is able to install more charging points at sites without the need for costly grid extensions, and the Viessmann Group is able to offer its customers intelligent and integrated home energy management systems.