Your most important questions about gridX - answered by us.
General Questions
What does gridX do?

We develop and market XENON - the digital energy platform. XENON connects all kinds of distributed energy resources (DERs) and enables anyone to optimize energy flows in any context. gridX customers can buy ready made solutions built on XENON or develop their own applications on top of our platform.

What is XENON?

XENON is the digital energy platform. XENON allows the visualization and management of all energy resources. XENON comprises the entire infrastructure to prototype, build and scale energy application. XENON is not only the foundation of all gridX solution but also open to third parties to develop their own energy applications and data driven business models. Collect data from energy resources. Manage the resources. Aggregate and visualize the data. Add third-party services.

What is the gridBox?

The gridBox is an IoT gateway developed by gridX. It is compatible with XENON and can be used as an interface to distributed energy resources (DERs). It can run applications to manage DERs locally and report data to the cloud. As the applications run directly on the gridBox it is robust to network outages.

Which protocols are supported?

The gridBox currently supports:

  • Modbus
  • TCP/IP
  • OCPP

A full list of all integrations can be found here.

My pv inverter, battery and charging stations stem from different manufacturers. Can I manage all devices through XENON?

XENON is manufacturer independent and we are adding new integrations frequently. Here you can find a list of all currently supported manufacturers. If yours is not on there, let us know by sending us a mail. This helps us prioritize new integrations.

XENON charge
What is XENON charge?

XENON charge is a dynamic load management solution for EV charging infrastructure. XENON charge is developed to accommodate the dynamic development of the mobility market. XENON charge can be extended by further charge points and other energy resources at any time. Moreover, XENON charge is manufacturer independent. A complete list of all currently supported manufacturers can be found here. XENON charge is offered with either static or dynamic load management. The dynamic XENON charge considers the current load at the grid connection point and adjusts the load assigned to the charging stations in real time. Thereby XENON charge guarantees a constant overload protection, lowers peak loads and reduces grid tariffs. As it runs locally it is also robust to network outages. In addition, charge point operator functionalities can be booked for advanced visualization and management options.

What is dynamic load management?

Dynamic load management distributes loads according to predefined rules and under consideration of the current load at the grid connection point. This allows you to operate more charge points on existing infrastructure, makes an extension of the grid connection point redundant and reduces grid tariffs by lowering peak loads. A comprehensive comparison of different load management types can be found here.

I am running a business. How can I get XENON charge?

There are two options to get XENON charge for your business:

  • You can buy XENON charge to add it to your existing charging infrastructure directly from gridX.
  • You can buy a full service package from one of our partners if you do not have charging infrastructure installed yet.

Either way get in touch with us and we will do our best to bring XENON charge to your business.

Which charging stations does gridX offer?

We develop hard- and software to manage energy resources (including charging stations). We do not offer charging stations. We work with a range of manufacturers, which provides us with a good overview of the market and we are thus happy to help our customers in the selection of charging stations.

I run a business and want to offer my surplus solar power through charging stations. Is that possible?

Technically, this is possible but the sale of surplus energy to users of your charging infrastructure is governed by a lot of regulation. Get in touch here to discuss your matter with us.

What software accompanies XENON charge?

All customers are provided with a user interface to set the parameters of their system and put the load management into operation. The functionalities vary with the package you booked. While the funcitionality of the load management is independent of the add-ons, to access all visualization and management features we recommend to book the add-on EV Suite.

What is the EV Suite?

The EV Suite is an optional add-on to XENON charge. The EV Suite comprises all management and visualization features of XENON charge. This allows you to adjust settings such as charging strategies in real time. The EV Suite is charged per charge point per month.

Are there any recurring cost associated with XENON charge?

No. XENON charge (dynamic and static) are not associated with any recurring charges. The optional EV Suite add-on is charged per charge point on a monthly basis.

I want to offer XENON charge to my customers. How does that work?

You can offer XENON charge to your customers. You can either become a reseller or a partner. As a partner you can integrate XENON charge in your corporate design into your existing emobility portfolio and offer a seemless experience to your customers. Get in touch to learn more about our reseller and partner programs.

How do I put XENON charge into operation?

XENON charge is a plug and play solution. Connect the gridBox to your local network and the setup wizard will detect all connected devices within a few minutes. Should you run into any problems during this process you can contact our support team to ask any questions and receive guidance through the process.

XENON energy
What is XENON energy?

XENON energy is an energy management system (EMS). At the smallest scale XENON energy can be used in a single household to optimize energy flows for self-sufficiency. At the largest scale XENON energy can be used to run a virtual power plant. Anything in between is possible. Optimize energy flows in commercial buildings, single or multiple districts etc.

Which device types can be integrated into XENON energy?

The list of supported device types includes:

  • PV inverters
  • Heat pumps
  • Batteries
  • Charging stations

You can find a complete list of all supported manufacturers and device types here. If your device is not in the list - let us know by sending us a mail. This helps us prioritize future integrations.

What is XENON energy for districts?

XENON energy for districts is a solution based on XENON energy. It enables the optimization of energy flows in an entire district to reduce costs as well as the carbon footprint. Here, XENON energy considers current consumption, consumption forecast as well as third party sources such as weather reports. You can learn more about this use case here.

What is smart energy management?

Smart energy management draws on many different data source and forecast models to optimize energy flows according to an objective - usually reducing costs. The data sources may include - among others - weather forecasts as well as historic consumption patterns.

Can I customize the energy management to meet my individual preferences?

Yes. XENON energy allows you to set your own preferences and objective function. In addition, if desired you can also implement your own logic. In any setup XENON energy always ensures that demand is always met and provides protection against black outs.