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The XENON integration guide

Integrating assets and OEMs into our XENON software is essential for robust, efficient energy management. Check out our step-by-step guide and see how we have perfected this complex process.
Life at gridX

Empowering growth: Learning and development successes at gridX

gridX prioritizes ongoing professional development and continuous learning in the workplace. Learn how three employees used our learning and development budget.

Stop and go: Italy’s rocky road to energy stability

Italy’s shifting e-mobility market is in need of stability. New regulation incentivizing EV adoption and a free utility market are positive signs of change.

A kink in the road: UK’s U-turn on net zero targets

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has delayed net zero targets to ease the cost of living crisis. But what does this mean for future energy policy in the UK?

Breaking the heat wave cycle with heat pump air conditioning

Global warming is causing more heat waves, meaning demand for air conditioning is rising. Learn why heat pump air conditioning is a more sustainable solution.

Putting electricity time of use tariff to use

Learn how the energy optimization behind a time of use (ToU) tariff works and how it can be applied to different use cases to minimize electricity costs.
Life at gridX

Navigating two worlds: Balancing study and career with flexible working models

Jobs with flexible hours allow you to thrive in your studies and career. Learn from two working students at gridX why they love our flexible working model.

The Netherlands conundrum: Low grid capacity, high feed-in

Net metering in the Netherlands means high feed-in, while more EVs and heat pumps increase electricity demand. Low grid capacity makes PV self-consumption vital

Women in tech: Advancing energy with creativity and innovation

Women in tech constitute 22% of all tech roles in Europe. Hear from 3 female developers at gridX on how to improve gender diversity in the energy industry.

Swiss e-mobility: No scaling without integration

Swiss e-mobility ambitions are huge. Learn what is driving the rise of EVs in the alpine country and how mobility operators can reach peak scalability.
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