Energy consulting: Taming the digital beast

The energy industry is late to the digitalization party. The time pressure of the climate crisis, paired with the challenges of decentralization, electrification and prosumerism mean that energy companies must fundamentally transforrm. Find out how.
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Knowledge is power: Scaling customer solutions with energy diagnostics
Advanced energy diagnostics enables comprehensive energy visualization, issue prevention across systems and devices and minimal wasted support effort.
Four key aspects of energy management we will see in the Nordics in 2023
The Nordics lead the way in the adoption of EVs and heat pumps. Now, energy management systems and demand-side flexibility will take center stage.
The good, the bad and the innovative: 5 effects of the energy crisis
The energy crisis has hugely impacted e-mobility and HEMS. Self-sufficiency optimization, dynamic tariffs and direct marketing have never been more important.
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EV Charging Report 2023

Heat Pump Report

API Report

Energy-as-a-Service 2.0: When life gives you lemons
The smart meter rollout in Germany will cause costs for prosumers to rise. But with energy-as-a-service, market players can turn it into an opportunity.
It's a gas crisis, not a heating crisis
Gas prices have reached record highs. Heat pumps provide a clean and cost-efficient solution to the gas crisis but we must first overcome a few challenges.
Life at gridX
Combining work and family: The best of both worlds
Combining work and family is no easy task. Learn from two team members how flexible working jobs at gridX have helped them get the best of both worlds.
Why energy flexibility is still only provided by large-scale power plants
Regulation must be the catalyst to bring energy flexibility to small-scale renewable assets and maximize self-sufficiency.
How peak shaving benefits the grid and your wallet
Peak shaving is a load management method that minimizes peaks and balances electricity drawn from the grid. Learn how it enhances EV charging and saves money.
EV charging management for cascading fuses
Electric cars are increasing exponentially. EV charging management is particularly important at sites with complex cascaded fuses.
Smart grid distribution system: Integrating DSO signals
Integrating DSO signals and enabling energy assets to operate in a grid-friendly manner is key for the cost-efficient modernization of the distribution grid.
Maximize self-sufficiency and minimize PV curtailment with energy forecasting
Energy forecasting makes otherwise unusable PV generation usable, enabling households to maximize self-sufficiency.
8 advantages of dynamic load management for end users
Did you know that dynamic load management can make EV charging cheaper, more convenient and faster for consumers? Find out how.
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