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Empowering growth: Learning and development successes at gridX

Don’t want your professional development in the workplace to stagnate? Learn how three gridX employees used our learning and development budget to always stay at the top of their professional game.

Stop and go: Italy’s rocky road to energy stability

Italy’s shifting e-mobility market is in need of stability. New regulation incentivizing EV adoption and a free utility market are positive signs of change.

A kink in the road: UK’s U-turn on net zero targets

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has delayed net zero targets to ease the cost of living crisis. But what does this mean for future energy policy in the UK?

Breaking the heat wave cycle with heat pump air conditioning

Global warming is causing more heat waves, meaning demand for air conditioning is rising. Learn why heat pump air conditioning is a more sustainable solution.
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The Ultimate Guide to Retail Electricity Prices

EV Charging Report 2023

Heat Pump Report


How to avoid the utility death spiral

To decarbonize oil and gas, the utility business model must change. Learn how companies can avoid the utility death spiral and make the switch to clean energy

Knowledge is power: Scaling customer solutions with energy diagnostics

Advanced energy diagnostics enables comprehensive energy visualization, issue prevention across systems and devices and minimal wasted support effort.

Energy consulting: Taming the digital beast

Digitalization in the energy industry is no easy task. Navigating these multifaceted challenges requires tailored expertise in the form of energy consulting.

Enabling energy democracy with digital solutions

Empowering end users with digital solutions increases energy democracy, or public participation, and encourages more flexible and balanced consumption.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. – Circular economy in the energy sector

The three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – can be used to apply the circular economy to the energy sector and ensure the energy transition is a success

Buy low. Sell high.

Electricity prices vary a lot throughout a day. With smart energy management consumers can shift their loads to off-peak periods – saving costs and emissions.

Germany's duck curve – Integrating renewables into smart grids

California’s duck curve is now a canyon curve due to high solar production. The same is happening in Europe. Learn why demand-side flexibility is the key.
Life at gridX

Workation - Combining work and vacation

Workation improves mental health, reduces stress and prevents burnout. gridX employees are able to work up to 70 days a year abroad in the EU.

Why energy flexibility is still only provided by large-scale power plants

Regulation must be the catalyst to bring energy flexibility to small-scale renewable assets and maximize self-sufficiency.
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