How peak shaving benefits the grid and your wallet

During television ad breaks, the UK sometimes imports energy from France to deal with the extra power from so many kettles being turned on. Imagine if it were EVs being simultaneously plugged in. Luckily, peak shaving can manage these loads.
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EV charging management for cascading fuses
Electric cars are increasing exponentially. EV charging management is particularly important at sites with complex cascaded fuses.
Smart grid distribution system: Integrating DSO signals
Integrating DSO signals and enabling energy assets to operate in a grid-friendly manner is key for the cost-efficient modernization of the distribution grid.
Maximize self-sufficiency and minimize PV curtailment with energy forecasting
Energy forecasting makes otherwise unusable PV generation usable, enabling households to maximize self-sufficiency.
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Charging Report 2022

Interoperability & cybersecurity in the energy industry

gridXโ€™s sustainable impact in 2021
Our yearly review looks at gridX's sustainable impact by measuring our carbon emissions reduction. But company impact requires a truly sustainable approach.
Why itโ€™s time to switch to a job in renewable energy
Sustainable jobs, particularly jobs in renewable energy, are on the rise โ€“ a booming industry means more security, impact and faster career progression.
Modules - the building blocks for energy applications
Combine our platform modules on XENON to build a custom HEMS, run a fast charging network or develop any use case that involves monitoring and controlling DERs.
The โ‚ฌ2,000 case for dynamic load management
Learn the difference between unmanaged load balancing, static load management and dynamic load management and how the latter can save you over โ‚ฌ50,000 euros.
COP26: The death of coal and the rise of clean technology
The Glasgow Climate Pact is the first deal that mandates cutting the use of coal. It also urges parties to back clean technology. But it is just the first step.
Overcoming EV adoption barriers with smart charging solutions
Dynamic load management and smart charging solutions that allow EV drivers to define their own specific parameters support the switch to green mobility.
The XENON integration guide
XENON supports devices from 30 energy manufacturers. To ensure efficient and robust integration of distributed energy resources, we developed a 3-step process.
Winter is coming: The importance of power to heat
Rising gas prices and high emissions in the heating sector call for a rapid uptake of heat pumps. Digital solutions are also needed to scale electrical heating.
How to maintain secure power systems
Digitalization is crucial for the energy transition. But connected, dynamic technology also brings greater cybersecurity challenges. Learn how to secure power systems, now and in the future.
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