November 15, 2022
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Talent has no borders - Remote work in Germany and Europe

People and companies have become accustomed to the rhythm of working from home since March 2020. gridX is no exception - now offering all employees home office equipment and trust-based working hours as standard, gridX has learnt to tame the remote work beast. We also realized the huge opportunity that comes with looking beyond the borders of Munich and Aachen.

While we encourage a hybrid working culture where people want to come to the office – for coffee chats, post-word beers or lunchtime exchange – we also recognize the importance of flexibility. We’ve proven over the last few years that working remotely works. So rather than forcing employees (and their families) to relocate, we are proud to offer the option of remote jobs within Germany or elsewhere in the EU. 

As gridX expands, we recognize that relevant experience and the motivation to have impact should take priority over the location you log in from. We spoke to three gridX employees who work remotely to better showcase what it’s like having a remote job at gridX.

Robby and his dog Pixel in his caravan

1. Robert Fritzsche

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

Time at gridX: 5 years (you might say he is the hipster of remote work)

Location: On the road in his caravan with his dog Pixel

How much does the ability to work remotely impact your desire to work at gridX? 

My main desires to work at gridx are the people and the environment.

When I decided to pursue a remote work environment, I reflected on what moments in my life were most joyful and where I had the most energy: road trips, hiking, and camping, basically being outside in nature and in quiet environments. While experiencing this with gridX, I became more my best self: calm, relaxed, and focused on getting shit done. I also love that my dog can roam freely.

Over the years, despite working remotely most of the time, colleagues have become friends.

What do you find challenging about remote work?

Connecting with colleagues with whom I don’t have work-related tasks. You don’t have casual encounters in the kitchen, on the kicker table, or just eating and drinking with your colleagues. Hence, I try to be in the office for a week each month, which helps a lot. We also have a bot that assigns random coffee dates between people - this helps to connect me with people from other departments and locations.

How do you stay focused on your task?

I plan the week ahead and follow a kind of Zettelkasten principle. Each week, day, and future topic has its own handwritten card, and I allocate dedicated time for each topic in my calendar. This Zettelkasten principle also helps me stay on top of all the moving topics, which progress in small time slices over weeks and months. 

How does gridX support you in your remote work? 

Tooling and work culture. You have all the tools online to get shit done. You are treated as any other teammate, regardless if you are present in 3D or 2D.

Ronan, Senior Account Executive at gridX

2. Ronan de la Gournerie

Job Title: Senior Account Executive

Time at gridX: Four months

Location: Nantes, France

What interests you about a remote role? 

The opportunity to enjoy having a career while choosing where I live / Not having to relocate to a large city. Throughout my career I focused on helping startup companies in the energy space to grow in new territories. With gridX looking to expand into both France and the UK it made perfect sense. 

What do you find challenging about remote work?

Maintaining a sense of belonging to a larger group while not having physical contact on a regular basis. It is therefore important to make time to be with the team in the office when the occasion arises, for example for Team week, Gridmas, training and other in-person events. 

What do you enjoy the most about a remote work environment?

The absence of a commute, having a quiet space to work, and the convenience to run errands or do sports at lunchtime or afterwork. That kind of flexibility works well with a family life with young kids. 

How do you communicate with your team? 

Most communication with the team is done using slack and Video calls and occasionally coming into the office. Having a great team behind me to support me in my efforts definitely helps to keep focused and stay motivated.

3. Mascha Bandow

Job Title: Account Executive

Time at gridX: Three months

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

What do you enjoy the most about a remote work environment?

I enjoy that I do not have to commute to work every day. I also love the freedom to work from wherever you are. Most of my family lives in Hamburg, I live in Frankfurt and most of my direct colleagues are in Munich. Meeting my colleagues always feels like a special event and I enjoy it a lot to catch up personally once in a while. 

When working remotely, how do you disconnect from your work at the end of the day?

I turn off the computer and all the lights on my desk. I always try to go for a walk or do something outside to clear my head after work.

How does gridX support you in your remote work? 

Remote working is no longer exotic. Everything is designed and well structured. The colleagues approach you and give you the feeling that you are part of the team despite the distance. gridX itself does everything to ensure that I am perfectly equipped here at home. 

Would you recommend gridX is a remote working company? 

YES! Remote work makes things easier, when you do not live in the city the office is located. But I still have the opportunity to go to Munich at any time, visit my colleagues and take part in workshops etc. There are also many great events where I can meet everyone on site: Team Week, various events, business trips, and so on. I am perfectly equipped and remote working is completely implemented in the company's identity. 

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