June 8, 2021
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Meet the Crew: Jessica Rudi

From sociologist to technical writer in the energy industry, we share how Jessica went from studying humanities to document management and her experience of onboarding during a global pandemic.

Expect the unexpected

I studied sociology, German language and psychology at RWTH Aachen University and already worked at a software company for document management during my studies. This was not my planned career path, but I enjoyed it so much that I stayed there for the next seven years after completing my humanities degree.

Document management is key

I am a Technical Writer at gridX, which means I take care of a wide variety of tasks that arise in technical documentation and general document management. My tasks also include maintaining the API page where we make our DER API documentation available to external users.

Being part of something big 

I decided to work at gridX because I find the concept of the unified energy platform XENON very exciting. At gridX I have the opportunity to be part of something that has ecological significance for our future, in line with the gridX motto: 'Do stuff that matters'.

Jessica Rudi, Technical Writer at gridX

Agile and independent work

Right from the outset, the work at gridX has been fast-paced and independent. Compared to my previous companies, gridX is still young, which makes it a lot of fun because I have the chance to shape things myself and am not stuck in outdated processes.

Remote onboarding

Like many others, I started my new job at gridX during the peak of the pandemic. My mentors were incredibly helpful and managed to make me immediately feel part of the company, even remotely. The random coffee calls that have been taking place during corona times are a wonderful opportunity for new colleagues to get to know each other, even if you don't run into each other in person at the office.

Benefits of tech

You should choose your job according to your personal interests and skills. If you have found your own interest, then go for it! In my experience, tech companies are not interested in background, gender or other demographic factors, but in skills and the desire to do a good job.

The gridX family

The work at gridX is characterized by commitment, honest feedback and the will to help each other. This is a good basis from which to grow, both professionally and personally. Everyone is up for anything. Colleagues are motivated to fulfil their own tasks and at the same time to support others in fulfilling their tasks. Without hierarchical guidelines, you can always ask questions if something is unclear. Despite strong growth, gridX manages to remain familiar and ensure that everyone has their own place in the gridX family, even during remote working.

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