July 11, 2023
Last updated:
July 12, 2023

Jobs with good work-life balance: Sport benefits at gridX

In today's fast-paced corporate world, offering jobs with good work-life balance is crucial for both employees and employers. At gridX we understand that the right workplace benefits have the power to transform the team culture by promoting physical well-being, fostering collaboration, boosting mental health, and enhancing work-life balance. This is why gridX invests in sport benefits (such as Urban Sports Club or EGYM Wellpass) for our employees. 

We wanted to explore how promoting a culture of fitness and well-being benefits both gridX and our employees. To do this, we asked six gridX employees what their favorite sport is and why.

1. Promoting physical and mental well-being – with Kedar

Your favorite sport: Swimming

Your tip / reason: For me, regular physical activity is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise not only improves cardiovascular health and physical strength but also enhances mental well-being, reducing stress and increasing energy levels. Since I decided to be physically active, I tend to experience fewer sick days and have higher overall productivity.

2. Fostering teamwork and collaboration – with Pia 

Pia, Employer Branding Manager

Your favorite sport: DanceJam with the sports gang 

Your tip / reason: Our sport benefit gives employees an excellent opportunity to come together and foster strong relationships outside the traditional workplace. Once a week I go to a sports class together with my colleagues. It is super fun to experience something new and have a group fitness activity that makes our friendship from work even stronger. 

3. Promoting work-life balance – with Peter

Peter, Solution Engineer

Your favorite sport: From the gym to soccer - I love everything 

Your tip / reason: For me, one of the greatest advantages of utilizing gridX’s sports benefits is the opportunity to achieve a healthy work-life balance. In the past I sometimes struggled to find time for physical activity due to the demands of my professional life. By providing convenient access to fitness facilities and flexible working hours, I do sport almost every day. 

4. Attracting and retaining top talent – with Nina

Your favorite sport: Pilates

Your tip / reason: Sports benefits have become a sought-after perk among jobseekers, particularly among younger generations, who prioritize jobs with good work-life balance and overall wellness. As a Talent Acquisition Manager, I know that offering such benefits can be a compelling factor in attracting and retaining top talent.  We prioritize the physical and mental well-being of our employees and create a positive and supportive work culture. This, in turn, leads to higher job satisfaction, increased loyalty, and reduced turnover rates, ultimately benefiting both the employer and the employees.

5. Pursuing hobbies and interests beyond work – with Hannes

Hannes, Business Development Representative

Your favorite sport: Bouldering

Your tip / reason: From bouldering every morning to playing squash, there is so much diversity in the Urban Sports Club and EGYM Wellpass offerings to take advantage of. This not only gives us something to look forward to and an incentive to be more productive during the day, but it also signifies gridX’s focus on employee engagement beyond the office. The sport benefits encourage team building through things like group bouldering sessions but also send a clear message that there is no expectation to stay late in the office – hobbies and outside activities are highly valued and encouraged.

Sport benefits go far beyond a gym session or yoga class. It sends a signal to our team that gridX is not only about working in front of a computer screen – it’s about engaging with colleagues beyond work, encouraging the pursuit of other hobbies and goals and increasing productivity when we’re in the office so that we can have the greatest impact possible.

We see benefits as an integral part of corporate culture with a positive ripple effect that permeates all aspects of the organization, propelling gridX towards greater success.  Do you want to end your hunt for jobs with good work-life balance? Check out our job opportunities to set your benefits to a higher standard.

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