February 26, 2024
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Empowering women: #WomenHack comes to our Munich office

On January 25th, our brand new Munich office transformed into a hub of inspiration, collaboration and empowerment. Despite the unexpected challenges brought on by a train strike, our WomenHack event unfolded as a remarkable evening celebrating the strength and resilience of women in tech working as engineers, designers and product managers.

The evening kicked off with a captivating talks by gridX’s Director of People and Culture Fabienne Römer, our Customer Success Team Lead Amelie Meixner and Catherine Schoendorff, whose consultancy DIVVA The Smart Digital Consultancy advises international CEOs on strategic issues relating to sustainability and business development. Catherine gave an insightful speech about the great potential of women in tech and how diversity and inclusion will always incite progress and innovation.

Amelie and Fabienne spoke about gridX’s own commitment to diversity and supporting women in tech. “As an employer,” Amelie said, “we want to focus on equal conditions and opportunities to create the best possible work environment and outline the power and value of women working at gridX.” Because diversity is such a core business value at gridX, we are conscious to never become complacent and think “we’ve done enough.” As an employer, gridX constantly asks the questions: How can we become more diverse and give voices to those in need of a platform? How can we ensure we are being inclusive to all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, etc.?

By the end of the speeches, the atmosphere in the room buzzed with excitement as attendees gathered to celebrate the achievements of all women in various fields and industries. Adding to the excitement was the inclusion of three other businesses, which took part in the event: Hubert Burda Media, Swiss Marketplace Group and Lime Home. Each company brought a unique perspective and shared valuable industry insights.

Serving snacks, camaraderie and diversity

Started in 2016 in the US’s bustling Silicon Valley tech hub, WomenHack was founded upon the belief that “diverse teams matter.” They empower women in tech to get hired at companies that hold up diversity as one of their core business pillars. According to the World Economic Forum, women make up only 28% of the total workforce in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In the tech industry in the European Union, women hold less than 20% of available jobs.

The energy at the WomenHack event was contagious. It's empowering to be surrounded by so many talented women, all sharing their experiences and supporting each other in navigating the tech landscape. – Pia Kilian, Senior Employer Branding Manager, gridX

Advancing women in tech and engineering positions is important for promoting diversity in the workplace, something gridX strives for every day. That is why we host events such as WomenHack – these events are a celebration of empowerment, resilience and community. They foster an important sense of camaraderie among women in tech and create space for them to collaborate on ways in which to continually support and build each other up.

Join us next time!

As we reflect on the success of this event, we look forward to future gatherings that uplift, inspire and connect women across various spheres. We are grateful to have hosted such a motivating group of professionals. Thank you to all of our attendees for being a part of this incredible journey towards empowering women in tech! 

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