August 19, 2022
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Combining work and family: The best of both worlds

It’s an age-old juggling act that many people face at some point in their lives – maximizing time with family, while also pursuing a career. At gridX, we aim to help people stop throwing balls altogether by fostering a culture that allows both family and work to thrive. 

Flexible, trust-based working times, and hybrid or remote working options make a significant contribution to this. But we think it goes deeper. Understanding the importance of family is etched into the gridX DNA.

We recognize that families come in all forms and sizes and everyone has different life circumstances that they need to manage. Empathy is the first step in helping with this. To gain a snapshot of what it is like combining work and family and taking advantge of flexible working jobs at gridX, we spoke to two team members to hear more about their experiences.

Irina, mother and Account Executive at gridX

Irina is an Account Executive and has a four-year-old son.

What has changed in your life since you had children?

My lifestyle. I had to split my focus between my family and myself. The way I spend my free time has changed. It's now preliminary with a strong family focus and less on myself. It can sometimes be a struggle to find some free time for myself only.

What does your working model look like at gridX?

My working time model focuses on “getting the job done” so that the rest of my life gets organized around this target. At the same time, it's flexible enough to prevent stressful situations if anything unexpectedly goes wrong with day-to-day logistics.  

What did you not expect before becoming a mother?

That I would get sentimental. I expected to become a different personality, but in reality I am still the same as before, with the same goals and wishes, particularly when it comes to my career..

What is your most important insight in terms of combining work and family?

With the proper level of flexibility and willingness, you can move mountains. From the moment I started working at gridX I was given the trust and flexibility to be able to get my job done but still always be there for my son. What has positively changed at gridX is my model of work focuses less on the rigidity of the longstanding 9-5 schedule and exactly when and where something gets done. It is now more focused on meeting bigger picture deadlines and goals. As long as I fulfil my duties, it does not matter if it’s done at home, at a coffee shop, after picking my son up from the kindergarten and so forth.

With a flexible working model, good communication between my team members is key to ensure everyone is on the same page for what to expect and when. My team is aware that it can be challenging at times and they are always there to support if I need help. It's also incredibly nice how natural it is here to bring your child along. Whether it's a team event or simply sitting on my lap during a call - my colleagues are genuinely happy when I bring my child along.

Jens-Kristian, father of two and Product Owner at gridX

Jens-Kristian is a Product Owner with two children aged three months and almost three years.

What has changed in your life since you had children?

Many things. The focus changes so that the children/family become much more of a priority. Since I enjoy my work a lot, this can lead to a conflict of interests. Flexible working hours definitely help. Since I have the more flexible job of my partner and I, I tend to step in more often. I enjoy the flexibility to spend time with my sons and have full backing from the team if I am not available at short notice. It is a shame that family commitments sometimes prevent me from going to some social company events. But I have family time for that. Plus I always make sure I join the big events.

What does your working model look like at gridX?

Flexible working hours, home office options and a whole lot of team spirit ;)

What did you not expect before becoming a father?

The realization that you can only do it to the best of your ability. No one can tell you what is best for your child except your gut feeling about your children. With the second child, I also realize that each child needs a different form of attention. In addition, being a father evokes a deep respect for my parents' dedication, and I always have to smile because it makes me think of my childhood.

A wonderful effect of being a parent is that children are the ultimate mirror. Especially when the kids are annoying, I recognize so much of myself in their behavior ;)

What is your most important insight in terms of combining work and family?

Prioritize tasks and create very clear time slots. If you let work get in the way of family slots you don't do anyone justice, the precious time with the kids flies by and you miss out on the greatest situations, or experience them only half-heartedly. At gridX we do have profound flexibility.

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