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Manage all your devices on one platform

XENON provides you with a single interface for distributed energy resources from more than 45 different manufacturers.


Never miss a beat. Stay in the know.

Set up notifications for the events you want to know about: get pinged when an appliance goes offline, a new system is connected or the status of an appliance changes. Proactive communication and early detection of issues reduces support effort for resolving issues by 40%.


Find what you are looking for.

Intuitive search and filter functions ensure you can find any user, system or appliance in an instant. Access historical data for retroactive analysis, gain holistic overviews in the system-agnostic asset table view and retrieve reports to prevent future issues.

Customer view

Provide world-class support

Step into your customer’s shoes with a single click. See all their appliances, current statuses and error codes and gain a better understanding of their preferences and needs.


Get started today!

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