Scaling and expanding energytech

Milan van der Meulen
Doreen Rietentiet
Tim Steinmetz

Energy tech is a hot topic nowadays, but what does it actually take to enter the market and succeed? CGO & Managing Director of gridX, Tim Steinmetz, says, “Energy industry regulation is a big topic. It can be super diverse.” He says that as soon as companies expand into multiple markets, it gets complex, but it also gives you an edge. “Not being dependent on one single market,” he says, “is also an advantage.”

Doreen Rietentiet, CCO & Co-Founder of DWR Eco, believes that renewable energy should be on the mind of all companies, not just energy tech firms: “If sustainability is not taken seriously in companies, you will see people leaving and looking for companies who are not necessarily sustainable or climate tech, but who take that subject and reducing CO2 emissions seriously.”

Milan van der Meulen, founder of Soly, also added that a need for workers to feel independent is equally as important: “What we've learned from Covid-19 – and also what is happening on the geopolitical level – people tend to create a more independent way of living. I think the solutions that we currently have in energy are matching that demand.”

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