Entering the energy industry

Tobias Klug
Stealth Startup
Thomas Heywood
WeEngage Group
Sarah McCormack
Trinity College Dublin
Pia Kilian

The renewable energy industry is growing at a rapid pace and, with it, so are jobs. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that renewable energy jobs could top 100 million by 2030.

Four experts explained what may be driving this growth as well as how job seekers can improve their chances of getting hired.

Tobias Klug, Co-Founder of Stealth Startup, says, “I think everybody can find a passion for the energy space and has some skill set to jump in and start getting into the industry. Of course, there's also lots of programs to upskill yourself and bring in the kind of hard skills that they might be lacking.”

Thomas Heywood, Co-Founder of WeEngage Group, says, “The good news is that it doesn't matter where you're coming from, there is a job for you. There's a vacancy somewhere with a business that needs your skill set and with a little bit of education and a lot of excitement, but also ambition to work in the sector, I think anyone can learn the skills that they need to be successful in the ecosystem.”

When speaking about what gridX looks for when interviewing candidates, Senior Manager of Employer Branding Pia Kilian says, “A key consideration is transferable skills. Does the candidate have skills like problem solving? Project management? And also the adaptability to succeed in the energy industry? Most important is passion and alignment. Is there a passion for innovation, a passion for environmental sustainability? Also an alignment with the company's mission.”

Sarah McCormack, Professor in Sustainable Energy at Trinity College Dublin, says, “Not everybody needs to have a degree or a PhD in this area. Apprenticeship programs help fill the gap." She says that you don’t need to be an expert on solar panels to install them, but you should have general knowledge of the grid they connect to. “So creating those types of apprenticeships is really important.”

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