Electric and autonomous: The impact of modern vehicles on power grids

Mario Herger

Mario Herger has been living in Silicon Valley since 2001, researching technology trends, writing books on them and advising companies on topics such as innovation, Silicon Valley Mindset, Foresight Mindset, automotive, artificial intelligence, creativity or intrapreneurship. During his career, he gained experience at various companies and as a freelance consultant. He describes best what his profession looks like: “I help companies to transfer the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit from Silicon Valley to their organizations in order to become more innovative and to recognize trends and tipping points early on and to help shape them.”

In this keynote speech at gridXdays, Mario Herger provides insights on the evolution of cars and where they are heading in the future. Starting in 1919 New York, he explains how the first cars were regarded as totally unreliable, super expensive and with no gas stations or service mechanics to support them. "People thought that’s not going to happen and it's not something we will see in the future."

Now, people are beginning to realize the huge potential around autonomous vehicles or electric cars. "It's a gold rush. Everyone sees their chance coming so that’s why a lot of these people are starting companies around that because they didn’t see the big chances of the automotive companies and there’s a lot of money we have so far over 100 billion dollars has been invested into developing self-driving cars and if you have a situation where a lot of new players are coming in, especially players with different backgrounds, not the car mechanics anymore, not the mechanical engineers, it's the AI experts, the robotic experts, data scientists…you know there is disruption going on."

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