Breaking silos: Energy sectors unite

Michael Fischer
Honda R&D Europe
Jannik Schall
Ralf Elias
Maxeon Solar Technologies
Daniel Strömer

As consumer desires shift, manufacturers must become solution providers and offer holistic, clean energy solutions. How can global energy players navigate these changes and guarantee sustainable products that meet users' needs?

Michael Fischer, Deputy General Manager at Honda R&D Europe, says, “The only thing we can do is to not rely on single suppliers or single countries. It is very important to be more flexible so that if we have a problem in one region of the world, or with one company, we have alternatives; we can quickly react.”

Jannik Schall, Co-Founder & CPO of 1KOMMA5°, says, “I think the beauty of the transition to renewable energy is that the cleanest power is also the cheapest. For some people, they still believe that since they built all these windmills, energy prices have just been going up, but it’s exactly the opposite.”

Ralf Elias, Chief Product Officer & Executive Vice President at Maxeon Solar Technologies, says, “We want to democratize those solar experiences and we want to bring it to the mass market. That can only work if you make them consumer-ish. If you take all those pain points away and have a system solution which works together in a very affordable way, which are future proof and which work through different brands and partnerships.”

SMA Vice President of Business Strategies Home Segment, Daniel Strömer, agrees. He says that all companies will succeed if the focus is kept on the customer and bringing together different devices and different brands. “We really believe in strong partnerships. This is the only way we can tackle this.”

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