Batteries - Energy storage of the future?

Anna Schneider
Dr. Lennard Wilkening
Joseph Ciccone

Lithium ion storage battery systems are unanimously considered the key energy storage solution of the future, as they are simply the most advanced and allow the most diverse, integrated and complex use cases to add flexibility to energy systems.

Joseph Ciccone, Consultant at Apricum, believes that batteries provide a massive amount of potential, specifically in Europe. He stated that the European Battery Alliance estimates that the lithium-ion value chain in Europe will be worth about €250 billion in 2025.

Dr. Lennard Wilkening, CEO & Co-Founder of suena GmbH, described batteries as, “The Swiss army knife of the energy transition. We can use it for so many different use cases and it really has the potential to excel. It has fast reaction times and very good efficiency. It's just about the software now.”

Anna Schneider, VP Product Management at sonnen, agreed and added, “Even the small residential battery can help stabilize the grid.” She said this is already being seen in Germany, Italy and Australia. And then through partners also in, in some other markets.

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