Energy self-sufficiency through integration

Gatter3 is a system service provider for the energy industry. Their headquarters is a leader in sustainable energy. XENON integrated their energy assets into a holistic energy management system.

Use case
"We are already achieving a degree of self-sufficiency of up to 100% at our location in Holzwickede and we are recording energy savings of up to 100,000 kWh per year."
Metin Duman
CEO, Gatter3 Group

Gatter3 takes care of all system services, including technical implementation, communication handling, project management and system data management. Their headquarters in Holzwickede, Germany, showcases how self-generated clean energy can be used for electricity and heat right at the source.

However, with an increasing number of distributed energy resources – PV system, fuel cell, heat pump, smart poles and charging stations – often comes increased complexity. With the help of our XENON platform, Gatter3 was able to integrate all of these energy assets into one holistic energy management system to intelligently control energy flows and gain full energy self-sufficiency.

Integrated energy management

One of the greatest challenges of the project was integrating energy-producing and energy-consuming devices from different manufacturers using a range of energy protocols. However, our modular and manufacturer-independent platform was able to seamlessly integrate all assets and protocols to establish open, secure energy monitoring and control. Even the heating system was integrated into the energy management system to ensure cross-sector optimization.

Our XENON platform and Grid Protector module allowed Gatter3 to shave peaks, shift loads, and thus drastically cut grid tariffs. gridX enabled savings on three ends: grid expansion costs, grid tariffs and energy costs. Essentially, our solutions allowed Gatter3 to operate state-of-the-art energy systems on existing structure. The added benefit of our Web App gave them full control over energy flows and allowed them to view energy monitoring data, as well as cost and emissions reductions in real time.

>$200,000 saved upfront
saved by avoiding grid expansions.
$10,000 saved on charging
annually with dynamic load management.
$20,000 saved on energy
annually through improved efficiency.
100,000 kWh per year
saved in energy due to 100% self-sufficiency.
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