Enabling new business models
The Luxembourg-based energy provider and grid operator pushes for innovation and wants to offer its customers the benefits of a digital energy supply. Therefore, Electris utilizes XENON as the backbone of its digital products and services.

XENON as an enabler for new business models

The family-owned company wants to develop new digital business models and offer its customers products built on the latest technology. Thus, allowing its customers to benefit from value generated through the intelligent networking and control of decentralized systems. After careful consideration, Electrics opted for XENON by gridX as the technical enabler for all future business models along the entire value chain. As a manufacturer-independent communication gateway, the gridBox forms the basis for the integration of all distributed energy resources and enables interoperability. XENON provides a comprehensive platform for the rapid development and use of big data in the field of energy.

Build digital capabilities in house

The Combi-Cast project of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is part of Electris' innovative and digital orientation. XENON will be used to improve and further develop forecasting models for the prediction of short-term photovoltaic output. Therefore, gridBoxes are installed in customers' households. The project applies gridX technology to a completely new use case and hints the flexibility of the technology stack. It also shows how XENON enables companies to realize ambitious digital projects.

Changing customer needs

Electris' decision for XENON was driven by the awareness that customer demands are evolving rapidly and therefore, a flexible product offering is essential. Clean, sustainable and digital energy must be used efficiently and projects like Combi-Cast are a step in the right direction. Eventually, the project will provide the groundwork for an intelligent energy management system which enables forward-looking and smart business models.

"We must work intensively on the further development of customer relationships and the associated IoT concepts so that we can remain a decisive player in the energy market of Luxembourg."
Martin Wienands, CEO, Electris
As an electricity provider, Electris supplied around 200 million kWh to more than 5,000 customers throughout Luxembourg in 2018. The family-owned company is maintaining its position in the highly competitive energy market and is continuously evolving. Currently, the company is working on the development of a wind farm in the municipality of Mersch, which will generate a large part of the energy consumed by all customers in Mersch. This, along with other interesting projects, represents an important milestone on the subject of sustainability and resource-conserving management within the company.
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