Austrian Post

Sustainable delivery

Austrian Post is the leading logistics and postal service provider in the country. In order to switch to a fully electric fleet by 2030, they needed the corresponding charging infrastructure, as well as a smart energy management system to make it feasible.

Use case
"We have ambitious goals for the electrification of our fleet. To achieve this, we need reliable and flexible load management that enables the economic and smooth operation of charging infrastructure."
Bernd Willmann
Austrian Post

As a forward-thinking postal and logistics company, Austrian Post realized the importance of guaranteeing sustainable delivery by transitioning to a fully electric fleet by 2030. This involved replacing their entire fleet, as well as installing over 8,000 electric vehicle charging stations. An additional challenge, however, was the added electricity demand from charging fleets and the added strain on the grid.

Rather than undergoing expensive grid extensions, Austrian Post chose to rely on XENON for a dynamic load management solution, which intelligently controls charging processes and prevents overloads to ensure that operations are not interrupted. XENON's modular architecture allowed the seamless integration of the existing charging stations, in cooperation with the manufacturers, directly on site within just one week. This meant that all systems were compatible with XENON and charging processes could be optimized across all charge points.

Parallel and sequential charging processes

The charging requirements for logistics differs from many other use cases. Because most electric vehicles are used throughout the day, the EV charging stations are effectively all occupied at night. Robust local connections ensure that no network outages affect charging and thus cannot jeapardize the tours for the following day.

In addition, the limited availability of electricity and high charging requirements of many of the delivery trucks – at least 6 amps on average – not all vehicles can be charged at the same time. Our XENON platform, in combination with the Grid Protector module, allows users to define their own charging strategy to meet individual needs. Austrian Post was able to define a sequential charging strategy that ensures each car is sufficiently charged overnight. This guarantees that the entire electric fleet is always ready to complete the next day's tour.

Wide compatibility enabled integration of all EV charging stations.
Reduced costs
Expensive grid expansions were avoided.
Zero grid overloads
Charging was optimized to always stay within grid limits.
Robust local connection
Network outages never impact operations.
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