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Leading companies rely on XENON charge
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Yearly savings
XENON charge minimizes peak loads to lower grid tariffs. Peak loads drive grid tariff charges.
No overloads
XENON charge ensures constant overload protection so charging does not interfere your power supply.
Complete flexibility
Start with the smallest package. Upgrade anytime to add more features or additional resources such as a PV system.
Goldbeck relies on XENON charge
Smart parking. Smart charging.
The Bielefeld-based construction company Goldbeck is electrifying its fleet. For the management of its charging infrastructure at its site in Hirschberg, Goldbeck relies on XENON charge by gridX.

New charging points on existing infrastructure

When Goldbeck wanted to install charging infrastructure at its Hirschberg site, the company quickly realized that the load of the charging points would exceed the grid connection point’s capacity of 345 kW. In order to neither limit the charging capacity nor have to carry out a costly extension of the grid connection point, Goldbeck decided to use the Dynamic Charge Option of XENON charge.

Realizing further savings

"XENON charge gives us a comprehensive overview of our energy consumption. This enabled me to analyze the charging behavior and adjust our maximum peak load directly in the EV Suite."
Dirk Jaletzky, Head of Electrical Engineering, Goldbeck

A few months after the installation, Goldbeck was able to realize further savings. The high-resolution historic data of XENON charge enabled Goldbeck to analyze the load curves at its location. Most of the cars were parked at the charging stations for the entire working day. This insight enabled Goldbeck to further reduce the peak load and thus further lower grid tariffs without affecting user comfort.

Easy and flexible to extend

Since Goldbeck delivers many of its parking garages with a PV system installed, the ability to couple other energy resources with the charging infrastructure was an important factor. XENON charge offers this functionality. This enables Goldbeck to integrate the charging infrastructure with batteries and PV systems to further optimize the energy efficiency of its parking garages.

Goldbeck builds pioneering commercial real estate in Europe and understands buildings as seamless products: from design to construction to services once in operation. With the claim "building excellence", the family-owned company realizes building projects economically, quickly and reliably with customized functionalities. In the 2019/2020 fiscal year, the company realized more than 500 projects with a total value of around 3.5 billion euros. Goldbeck currently employs more than 7,800 people at over 70 locations. In Germany, Goldbeck is the market leader for parking garages, which are often equipped with PV systems.
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