The state of Baden-Württemberg supports projects to intelligently connect charging infrastructure in public parking spaces with up to 500.000€. Get in touch or scroll down to learn how.
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The details of the programm
Input 2.0
With a total of 7.85 million euros, the state of Baden-Württemberg is funding projects to establish a smart connection between parking garages and parking lots. They named this program INPUT 2.0 and we have summarized the most important information about it.

In short

  • Focus is charging infrastructure in parking garages and parking lots
  • The state pays up to 40% of the costs up to a maximum 500.000€
  • Among others, the program is open to companies, public entities and universities

What projects benefit from the program?

Especially in view of the increasing popularity of EVs, the public grid is becoming more and more overloaded. For this reason, the state is promoting projects that make it possible to avoid network expansion by establishing a smart connection between the grid and the charging infrastructure.  The call for program description explicitly mentions the installation of storage facilities for buffering and the use of intelligent load management.

Who benefits from the program?

The list is rather long:

  • Natural persons, companies, partnerships with legal capacity and legal entities under private law
  • Legal entities under public law
  • Universities and non-university research and development institutions

Consortia are welcomed by the state. However, it should be noted that an operator or owner of a car park/parking lot has to be involved. Furthermore, the participation of a network operator is desired - but not essential.


The funding is granted after an application as a share of the total cost. The state also states that the eligible costs should amount to at least 100,000€. The subsidy paid out is then calculated with regards to the total cost - up to 40% of the eligible costs are reimbursed.

How it works

There is a competition with selection procedures for funding. For this, participants must submit their application to the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe by February 10, 2021.

The project management organization is also available as a contact for questions regarding the application.

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