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XENON provides you with everything to prototype, build and scale energy applications. Learn how E.ON did it in our webinar.
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Leading companies rely on XENON

Go to market quickly.
Don't worry about the groundwork.

10x shorter time-to-market
XENON is built for energy applications with purpose-built data structures and interfaces.
Widely compatible
XENON supports more than 150 protocols and manufacturers.
Easy to scale
XENON has proven to be highly scalable. As of today it connects more than 10,000 devices.
E.ON relies on XENON
E.ON builds its dynamic load management on XENON
E.ON turned to XENON by gridX when it was looking to build a dynamic load management solution. XENON's flexibility made it easy for E.ON to integrate it into its existing portfolio.

Flexibility and scalability as the deciding factors

E.ON faced two challenges when offering dynamic load management. First, the solution needed to be compatible with E.ON’s existing billing solution. Second, E.ON wanted to roll out the solution to 11 countries, so it also had to be scalable. XENON’s modular architecture offered both. E.ON’s billing solution could be seamlessly integrated and the wide range of existing integrations ensured that E.ON could serve a wide range of customers.

Custom solutions built on XENON

Once E.ON had decided on XENON, it developed its own product offering on the platform to meet the demands of their customers. Eventually, E.ON developed solutions for six different use cases, from the essentials with static load management to the fully-fledged solution for complex requirements.

Extending XENON with own features

In the future, E.ON plans to develop more features based on XENON. This includes the use of artificial intelligence to forecast charging behavior and tailor charging strategies to the individual needs of drivers - meeting mobility requirements efficiently without compromising on user comfort. Here, XENON provides the interface to the charging infrastructure and gives E.ON the opportunity to focus on what really matters - delivering the best solutions for their customers.

E.ON is an international, privately owned energy supplier based in Essen, Germany. With a clear focus on two strong core businesses, E.ON aims to become the partner of choice for energy and customer solutions.
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