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10 key elements of smart grids that will enable smart cities
Spending on smart city projects will double in the next 5 years, the majority going towards smart grid technology. Here are 10 key features of smart grids.
Should natural gas and nuclear power be considered green investments?
Many think natural gas and nuclear power bridge the shift away from fossil fuels. But must we label them as green investment when we could rely on renewables?
gridX’s sustainable impact in 2021
Our yearly review looks at gridX's sustainable impact by measuring our carbon emissions reduction. But company impact requires a truly sustainable approach.
Why it’s time to switch to a job in renewable energy
Sustainable jobs, particularly jobs in renewable energy, are on the rise – a booming industry means more security, impact and faster career progression.
Modules - the building blocks for energy applications
Combine our platform modules on XENON to build a custom HEMS, run a fast charging network or develop any use case that involves monitoring and controlling DERs.
The €2,000 case for dynamic load management
Learn the difference between unmanaged load balancing, static load management and dynamic load management and how the latter can save you over €50,000 euros.