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From energy monitoring to flexibility marketing: different Home Energy Management System use cases
From energy monitoring to time-of-use tariffs, Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) can be tailored to meet user preferences and market requirements. Learn how.
Why you should consider batteries when scaling high power charging
Existing infrastructure is often unable to handle the high loads caused by High Power Charging (HPC). Batteries enable load shifting to enable high charging speeds without costly expansions.
Why Home Energy Management Systems in Europe remain a patchwork
Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) in Europe are subject to a patchwork of regulations, creating different needs in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
Energy-as-a-Service 2.0: When life gives you lemons
The smart meter rollout in Germany will cause costs for prosumers to rise. But with energy-as-a-service, market players can turn it into an opportunity.
It's a gas crisis, not a heating crisis
Gas prices have reached record highs. Heat pumps provide a clean and cost-efficient solution to the gas crisis but we must first overcome a few challenges.
Combining work and family: The best of both worlds
Combining work and family is no easy task. Learn from two team members how flexible working jobs at gridX have helped them get the best of both worlds.