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The XENON integration guide
XENON supports devices from 30 energy manufacturers. To ensure efficient and robust integration of distributed energy resources, we developed a 3-step process.
Winter is coming: The importance of power to heat
Rising gas prices and high emissions in the heating sector call for a rapid uptake of heat pumps. Digital solutions are also needed to scale electrical heating.
How to maintain secure power systems
Digitalization is crucial for the energy transition. But connected, dynamic technology also brings greater cybersecurity challenges. Learn how to secure power systems, now and in the future.
Communication is key: The importance of OCPP
OCPP facilitates communication between EV charging stations and energy management systems. Learn about open standards, OCPI and 3rd-party proxies.
Stepping closer to carbon-neutral cities
Learn why an intelligent energy management system is crucial to the success of smart districts and to eventually make carbon-neutral cities the norm.
Meet the crew: Dominik Ganswohl
As a Senior Account Executive at gridX, Dominik challenges the status quo in the energy sector every day. Learn more about his career path.